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Peacemakers Freedom School

Passionate about civil rights and education equality? With its ideological roots in the civil rights movement of the 60s, Freedom School seeks to build strong, literate, and empowered children prepared to make a difference in themselves, their families, communities, nation and world today. By providing summer reading enrichment for children who might otherwise not have access to books, Freedom School uses curriculum designed by the Children's Defense Fund to curb summer learning loss and close achievement gaps. An ENCIP intern at Freedom School will be a full-time teacher for the summer, giving these kids tools they need to succeed in school and beyond.



Edgecombe County Health Department

Want to help the community better understand and combat the opioid epidemic? This intern will be a full-fledged member of the Health Department team: attending staff meetings and local summits, and given responsibility for independent projects. The intern will work to answer any number of a set of research questions, such as "Where do opioid overdoses most commonly occur in the county?" and "How can we best intervene in those targeted high-volume areas?" The intern may continue last summer's survey of first responder attitudes, design programs for community education, and/or propose your own research topic or project.



Michael’s Angels Girls Club

Want to improve the skills, self-confidence, and futures of girls in Edgecombe County? This intern will help facilitate an educational and empowering summer experience for approximately 50 girls ages 7-17. You will have the opportunity to help design a grant-funded program for preventing teenage pregnancy, help design and facilitate a grant-funded tennis camp, and/or develop curriculum to teach the girls how to responsibly manage their personal social media. Additionally, you will help the organization determine how to best manage the assets of the St. David Street Community Garden.


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Edgecombe County Public Schools

Passionate about the power of education? The ENCIP has several projects lined up for an education-focused intern. Work directly with the county school system's Director of Innovation to implement a Redesign Education Grant supporting innovation in education. Help implement a $150k grant for a STEM camp at Martin Millennium Middle School. Develop a set of interview questions, and analyze the resulting survey data, for home visits for all rising 6th graders. Participate in the re-design of Princeville Elementary School, which was flooded by Hurricane Matthew in 2016. 



Vidant Health Advance Care Planning

Want to help prevent an underrated issue that causes many families avoidable anguish? This intern will work under Vidant Health's Outreach Coordinator for Advance Care Planning to educate families and individuals in Eastern NC about the importance of advance care planning — that is, making decisions about the healthcare you would want to receive if you become unable to speak for yourself. This internship is multifaceted: Last summer, our intern designed and conducted a survey of Vidant-Edgecombe Hospital's engagement with end-of-life care. The previous summer, our intern made educational presentations and traveled the area making home visits.


Rural Opportunity Institute

Rural Opportunity Institute (ROI) is a social innovation lab that designs solutions around the needs of individuals and families in rural Eastern North Carolina. With the goal of ending generational cycles of trauma and poverty, ROI seeks to preventing adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and toxic stress. The intern with ROI will contribute to the institute’s research according to the intern’s interests and the institute’s strategic priorities in summer 2019.

Edgecombe County Tourism Authority

Interested in economics and policy? Want an opportunity to work with a hands-on, creative project during your summer? At the Edgecombe County Tourism Authority, an intern can choose from a variety of projects designed to increase tourism-based economic activity in the area. Last summer, our tourism intern designed and produced a full-length walking tour of the area’s historic landmarks.


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