The Eastern North Carolina Internship Program
Eastern NC Internship Program




Based in the historic town of Tarboro, ENCIP is a homegrown program that matches motivated students from around the country with thoughtfully designed, community-focused internships. 



Internship Fields

Educational equity

ENCIP maintains a strong relationship with Tarboro Freedom School, a summer program that combats summer slide for students who may not be able to afford summer camps and other enrichment activities. Our student-teachers work to give these underprivileged kids the skills, knowledge, and experiences they need to succeed.

TOURISM/economic development

Interns who work for the Town of Tarboro or the Edgecombe County Tourism Authority will undertake projects to enhance economic activity in the area. This year, both entities will host a communications-focused intern.

innovation in public schools

This intern works directly with the county school system's Director of Innovation. Projects could range from conducting and analyzing surveys of 6th-graders’ school readiness, to helping redesign Princeville Elementary School—which was flooded by Hurricane Matthew in 2016. 

Social Innovation

Rural Opportunity Institute (ROI) is a social innovation lab studying the lifetime effects of adverse childhood events, and how to prevent them. This summer, the ROI intern will work on documentation, branding, and communications projects, as well as market research in the realm of health technology.


Edgecombe County's Vidant Hospital hosts interns in the field of advance care planning. Last summer, our intern designed and conducted a survey of Vidant-Edgecombe Hospital's engagement with advance care planning. This internship may also involve disseminating information and raising awareness on healthcare power of attorney and other end-of-life concepts — vital topics in low-resource communities of Eastern NC.

public health

At the County Health Department, our interns have researched ways to combat the rising frequency of opioid abuse in the area, as well as topics in women’s health. This summer, the intern will work on reducing stigma and promoting awareness/education regarding substance use disorder and harm reduction strategies in Edgecombe County.

girls’ Mentorship

At Michael’s Angels Girls Club, interns work to build confidence and opportunity for underprivileged girls in Edgecombe County. This multifaceted internship includes a variety of teaching opportunities plus program planning and management.

mental health/job equity

This internship, hosted by Tarboro Pediatric Psychiatry, aims to identify and address the challenges that individuals with mental illness face when seeking employment. The intern will survey local business owners, design and implement educational programming, and create a directory of local businesses interested in hiring individuals with mental health challenges.


Our mission is two-fold:

1) to facilitate meaningful and sustainable community development and

2) to provide inspiring, high-capacity learning opportunities for young leaders.

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Our vision is to strengthen rural communities throughout the region, instill in young leaders the importance of these communities, and ultimately move the world towards our ideal future of justice and equality.


If you represent a community organization in Eastern North Carolina that would like to host an ENCIP intern, or if you represent a student program that would like to connect ENCIP with potential new interns— reach out anytime via