Eastern NC Internship Program


The Eastern North Carolina Internship Program


Connecting high achievers with high-impact internships


Based in Tarboro, North Carolina, ENCIP is a newly founded program that brings motivated students from around the country to Eastern North Carolina for thoughtfully designed community-service internships. 

VISION: Our vision is two-fold: 1) to facilitate meaningful and sustainable community development and 2) to provide inspiring, high-capacity learning opportunities for young leaders.

ENCIP chooses to focus on Eastern North Carolina because the region provides an often-underestimated opportunity for experiential learning. Click here to learn more about what Edgecombe County (in particular) has to offer.

OUR PAST INTERNSHIPS: In the summer of 2017, our interns worked as program leaders in the Tarboro Freedom School; as an end-of-life-care advisor for Vidant Health; as an opioid-abuse researcher via the County Health Department; and as camp counselors and marketing strategists for Conetoe Family Life Center. To learn more about their experiences, check out our "Past Interns" page! 

YOUR FUTURE INTERNSHIP: We design our internships based on community needs, with the individual students' interests and skills in mind. We have partnerships in a variety of fields for a nearly infinite number of unique possible internship roles. Whatever your interests, ENCIP can design a potentially life-changing internship for you. Contact us to learn more!




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Potential Internship Fields


ENCIP maintains a strong relationship with Tarboro Freedom School, a summer program that combats summer slide for students who may not be able to afford summer camps and other enrichment activities. Our interns have taken a vital hands-on role to give these underprivileged students the skills, knowledge, and experiences they need to succeed.

public health

At the County Health Department, our intern researched ways to combat the rising frequency of opioid overdosing in the area. The combination of primary and secondary research alongside community action provided a multi-faceted opportunity to understand the scope of problem and its potential solutions.

Gardening to Agriculture

At the Conetoe Family Life Center, interns play a pivotal role in the development of sustainable agriculture through community gardening. Interns also help the Center run a summer camp for low-income kids in the community to improve academic skills and social skills alike.

Design your own

ENCIP exists to connect college students with internships that will maximize your skillset and impact. We want you to contribute big things and learn big things through your summer in Tarboro. Reach out to tell us about your interests, and we'll get started designing an internship perfect for you! 


Edgecombe County's Vidant Hospital has previously hosted an intern in the field of end-of-life care. This internship focused on disseminating information and raising awareness on healthcare power of attorney and other end-of-life concepts — vital topics in low-resource communities of Eastern NC.



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